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SCHWANER International Tape Sdn.,Bhd.

SCHWANER International Tape Sdn.Bhd.

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Tape Manufacturer

The Company, The Brand : SCHWANER



 Company Name :            SCHWANER International Tape Sdn.Bhd.

Company Number :          916734-K

Incorperated Date :          01 October 2010

Authorized Capital :         RM 2,500,000.00

Paid-up Capital :               RM 2,500,000.00

Telephone # :                   +603-894 3652

Fax # :                              +603-894 3710

Email :                      

Website :                 

Factory & Office :             Lot 1836 Jalan KPB6, Kawasan Perindustrian Kg, Baru Balakong,

                                          4300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor D.E., Malaysia

Board of Director :            Mr. Toh Chee Hui,                   Mr. Toh Yee Seng, 

                                          Mr. Thiruchelvam

Principle Activities :          i. Manufacturer, sell and operation all kind of Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

                                            Double-sided or Single-sides tape and substances for industrial application.

                                          ii. Research & Developement, formulate, produce, process and refine of all kind of

                                            self-adhesive tapes for manufacturing and industrial applications.

Main Products :                 i. Coating, Laminating, Slitting, Slicing, Rewinding, packing and manufacturer.

                                         ii. All kind of Pressure Sensitive Acrylic or Silicone Adhesive Double Sided Tapes.

                                         iii. All kind of Pressure Sensitive Acrylic or Silicone Adhesive Single Sided Tapes.

                                         iv. All kind of Heat Resistance Tapes.

                                         v. All kind of Fire Retardant Tapes. 

Machineries                      i. Coating Machine (1) (50m/mins)                                           6.0 mil.Sqm/Annual

& Capacities :                   ii. Coating Machine (2) (120m/mins)                                       11.6 mil.Sqm/Annual

                                         iii. Rewinding Machine (100m/mins)                                         2.3 mil.Sqm/Annual

                                         iv. Laminating Machine (80m/mins)                                           1.2 mil.Sqm/Annual

                                         v. Slitting Machine (100m/mins)                                                 1.2 mil.Sqm/Annual

                                         vi. Slicing Machine                                                             Depend on cutting width

Operation Capacity :        i. Coating, 3 Shifts, 3 Crews (24 Hrs)

                                         ii. Converting, 1 Shift, 1 Crew (12 Hrs)

Market Network :              i. Local : Nation Wide

                                         ii. Export : (SB Group Network) and Cobtract Manufacturer (OEM).

Related Company :           i. SB Group Sdn.Bhd.

                                         ii. Sweet Tape Enterprise

                                         iii. PT Asian Pac Chem (Indonesia)

                                         iv. SB Adhesive Specialist Sdn.Bhd.

                                         v. SB Tape Group (North America)


          SCHWANER INTERNATIONAL TAPE SDN BHD  is Yong and Energetic Company which is specialized in manufacturing of Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Tapes for industrial use. We have thrived by identifying on Niche Markets, solving Technical Problems, Improving Production Efficiency, Cost and Developing highly specialized PSA tapes, we are not just a manufacturer alone. Our commitment on Quality Products, On-Time Delivery, Environment Friendly and Flexible Solution Provider to meet the customer requirements. In-line with our vision, we are the first company in Malaysia has set up its own R&D Application Lab to serve our customers locally and globally. 

        - The Competency Leader in all kind of Self-Adhesive Products and Solution Provider (Not just manufacturer)

        - World Class Manufacturing Facilities and

        - In-House Reserch & Development Center for production of Pressure Sensitive Tape in Malaysia

        - Industrial Solutions for Electrical & Electronic Appliance, Automotive and Safety Devices for local and international markets.



          To Create A Sustainable And Highly Specialized Industrial Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Tape Company By Providing Quality, Fast, Cost Efficiency, Environment Friendly, Flexible And Innovative Solutions To The Technically Challenging Needs Of Our Customers.



      ... With Schwaner's Strong Commitment To Sustainable Quality, Customer Trust And Product Innovation.

      ... We Will Continue To Meet Existing And Potential Market And Industrial Needs.

      ... Targeted Investment In Groundbreaking Research & Development Of Pressure Sensitive Adhesive And Application Laboratory.

      ... Development Of New Health And Environmental Friendly Products And Production Process, Like Low V.O.C And Solvent Free Products 

      ... Tapping New Market Segmants With Innovative Adhesive Solutions.

      ... Ongoing Future Developments Of Existing Products Toward Cost Efficent, Health And Environment Friendly.


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