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Suzhou OMAY Optical Materials Co.,Ltd.

Suzhou OMAY Optical Materials Co.,Ltd.

Company Introduction

Suzhou OMAY Optical Materials Co.,Ltd., with a total investment of RMB 200 million, and annual production capacity can be reachedup to 20,000 tons, is the largest polycarbonate film and sheet production base in China that comprised of R & D, manufacturing, sales and service.

Company Culture

OMAY's duty : to strengthen the national industry and make unremitting efforts.

OMAY's core value : honesty, cooperation, innovation.

OMAY's vision : build OMAY into world's largest PC film production base.

OMAY's strategic target : OMAY - China's first PC film stock.

OMAY's management philosophy : customer satisfaction is the pursuit of OMAY.

OMAY's spirit : to Win is to fight.

Production and R & D


  • Million-grade purification plant
  • Worlds most advanced production line
  • Strictly follows ISO 9001standard 

   R & D

  • Jiangsu Polycarbonate R & D center
  • Cooperate with Jiangnan University and East China University of Science and Technology
  • Guides by 3 Chinese Plastic Association Expert

Product Type : OMAY's series

  • General Grade : G x x x
  • Flame Retardant Grade : SE x x x
  • Halogen-free Flame Retardant Grade : V x x x

   Example : V 4 2 B 

   GRADE                                SURFACE TEXTURE                BACK TEXTURE                 COLOR

   V : Halogen-free                  1 : Polished(Transparent)       1 : Polished(Transparent)    B : Black 

        Flame Retardant              2 : Matte                                  2 : Matte                               W : White

   SE : Flame Retardant            3 : Fine Velvet                        3 : Fine Velvet                      T : Brown

   G : General                           4 : Velvet                                                                             R : Red                       

   LC : Luggage case               5 : Suede                                                                             Y : Yellow

   etc                                          etc                                                                                       etc


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