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Facilities & Services

TEZ Industries is located at the heart of Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate in Rayong, Thailand where we are easily accessible to the nearby PORT of Laem Chabang. With this geographical advantage, it makes export activities an ideal choice for most of our oversea clients.

In TEZ Industries, we offer a range of services to value add on the materials for our clients. This includes:

1. Slitting Service: We have high precision slitting machines that are able to convert from Jumbo/Master rolls to any specific width indicated by clients' requirements. We are currently slitting mainly on Polyester Film and Paper products. Please contact us for more details.  Contact us >>> 

2. Punching / Stamping / Die-Cut Service: We have stamping machines to support our clients' die cut requirements based upon the drawing specifications. This is to offer total cost efficiency by using in-house facilities to provide bundle price to our clients. Please contact us for more details. Contact us >>>


3. Warehouse Service: We have a huge floor space allocated for inventory and ready stock keeping based on the advance forecast provided from our clients. With this in place, we are able to reduce the TOTAL LEAD TIME in order preparation to our clients.

In principal, we offer SHORTER LEAD TIME, ATTRACTIVE PRICE and LOWER INVENTORY COST to all our clients.

Our Motto: Our Customer, Our Focus!

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